3to5 Board with Cransket Group

We live in uncertain times. We need a place outside our businesses where we can restore heart and courage. More than ever, we need to experience the rhythm of community on a regular basis. We need an inner circle with whom we can sharpen our skills to move ourselves and our companies forward.


We will sharpen our skills by mastering the art of these key tools:

  • The Way of Intentional Action
  •  The Stages of Business Ownership
  • The Four Building Blocks of Business
  • The Seven Elements of Business

These tools will strengthen our leadership and our company culture, overflowing into an ideal lifestyle for ourselves, our stakeholders, and our loved ones.


Up to 10 generosity-minded, established business owners from different industries will meet to share business challenges and a meal.


Our community meets once each month from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Upon joining, your membership fee provides, once each month, a 4 hour group meeting and a 20 minute group check-in conference call; this fosters the ability to support your fellow members and enhance accountability.


Contact Jon Hokama  for details.