Emerging Track Companies

Companies moving from entrepreneurial to professional management

Typical developmental issues:

  • Shortage of working capital
  • Inadequate management skills
  • Lack of teamwork
  • Unclear direction
  • Poor management information
  • Weak growth strategies
  • Entrepreneurs want their life back

“We have increased profits, lowered our stress, and made our employees happier since working with ABA.”

President, Wholesale Company

Fast Track Companies

Companies growing at 30% or more per year

Typical developmental issues:

  • Lack of control
  • Poor communication
  • Inadequate cash flow and working capital
  • Operating inefficiencies
  • Ineffective systems
  • Need for special strategies unique to FTC’s
  • Insufficient organizational structure

“We have never been at our current level of revenue and prots. Working with ABA has taken a lot of the guesswork out of business planning. It’s a good investment.”

President, Consulting Company

Right Track Companies

Companies under-performing on the top or bottom line

Typical developmental issues:

  • Low profit and owners’ compensation
  • Inadequate revenue
  • Negative cash flow
  • Deteriorating morale and high turnover
  • Heavy stress/burnout
  • Weak business strategies
  • Insufficient working capital

“Our compensation and profits have increased substantially. ABA’s strategic direction and objective business advice have proven to be invaluable.”

President, Manufacturing Company

On-Track Companies

Companies performing well financially and the owner enjoys a balanced life

Typical developmental issues:

  • Developing a formal strategic business plan to create and enduring company
  • Identifying competitive strategies to move the company to the next level
  • Increasing manager or supervisory skills
  • Improving time management of all employees
  • Establishing fully integrated and effective systems
  • Process re-engineering

“I have worked with other consultants, and ABA is the only one I trust. They care about what happens to my company and to me.”

President, Subcontracting Company

Succession/Family Business Track Companies

Companies whose owners want to exit the business

Typical developmental issues:

  • Identifying exit strategies best suited for the owner
  • Preparing the business for sale and increasing business value
  • Creating a succession plan, including
    • Helping to identify the new business leader
    • Increasing business skills of the successor(s)
    • Preparing a business for the leader’s exit
  • Improve family business effectiveness

“The value of my company has increased substantially as a result of its association with ABA.” President, Service Company

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