A jury of my clients and peers.

Jon introduced my partner and me to the concept of a Business Maturity Date (BMD) and a two-page Strategic Plan. Once I had the picture of the specific day [of my BMD] when my company would create the future I wanted for my wife and me, what formerly risked becoming wishful thinking became a cast-in-stone vision! Jon’s been a powerful accountability advisor by keeping my partner and me on track with our Strategic Plan. I am passionate about building our carefully chosen company culture as we grow rapidly. Jon has helped us articulate systems and processes to ensure we can maintain and nurture this culture–all while getting both us and our company to our BMDs.

-VP/COO, Owner, Oil and Gas Firm – 2012

Jon Hokama is, without a doubt, one of the best business consultants I have run across. Jon masterfully interfaces the mind with the heart and always offers encouragement for the most important aspects of business management. He approaches every new client and situation with a servant’s heart.

‐President and Thought Leader

Jon’s one‐on‐one advising effectively integrated business metrics, my professional goals and a high level of spiritual integrity. He demonstrated a lot of wisdom through his listening and coaching skills and I found that particularly effective.”

‐Director of Marketing, Services and Support, Agilent Technologies

Whether for personal career growth or professional mentoring, Jon is an EXCELLENT coach! He offers valuable insights at the right time with the kindest ways of assuring the value of the message gets through. He is a trusted advisor.

‐Technology Business Owner, repeat client

Jon is about making things happen. He was one of the initial members of the HP Coaching Network. His determination, passion and good intentions helped make HPCN grow from 14 coaches to almost 200 coaches across Hewlett Packard. Every day Jon put forth his best effort and made HP a better company and a better place to work; he helped instill a coaching culture. It was a pleasure working with Jon as one of the Leaders of the HP Coaching Network.”

‐Internal Executive Coach, Hewlett Packard

During my tenure managing the Americas Sales effort I had the pleasure of working with Jon. Over the course of many quarters, Jon proved to be a valuable resource who demonstrated a high level of expertise and an ability to identify, analyze and solve problems. In our intensely competitive environment I could always count on Jon to optimize all available resources to meet quarter‐end deadlines. His extra effort and keen insight made the difference in meeting or exceeding goals on several occasions.

‐Vice President

Jon is a great leader. He is one of the visionaries that every group needs.

‐Executive Coach, Technology Firm

Jon is very reliable and has integrity in all that he does. He has a genuine heart for the people he serves, both clients and colleagues. I would recommend Jon as an encourager and champion to help your business or to increase your clientele.

‐Business Owner

Jon is one of the most self‐motivated and genuine professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He has a keen interest in the bottom line, works very well in a team situation, and has an excellent sense on which goals are most influential as well as how to best get the job done. It was great working with Jon!

‐Senior Marketing Consultant (Competitive Marketing), Technology Firm