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"I hired American Business Advisors to assist us with accomplishing our business objectives and I was very satisfied with their services. I highly recommend you talk to them."
- John Bandimere Jr., President, Bandimere Speedway

American Business Advisors -

Mid-size and Small Business Consulting

Do you ever find yourself wishing there was someone who could help you with the challenges of building your business? Someone you can trust who understands the unique issues and differences faced by mid-sized and small businesses? Well - there is.

American Business Advisors (ABA) is the leading strategic and management consulting firm specializing in Building Cash Cows and Improving Quality of Life services for mid-size and small companies, family businesses, and their owners.

We have been dedicated to working exclusively with small and mid-sized companies and family businesses since 1984 and therefore, the best qualified consulting firm in America to meet your needs.

If you are looking for solutions to the challenges or issues you face we will strategic partner with you to accomplish your business objectives. Whatever your business is - Whatever your objectives are, you can be confident in our proven track record. We are so confident in our services that ABA Guarantees Your Satisfaction.
What is Quality of Life?
Living a balanced life with time for:
  • Family
  • Vacations
  • Personal interests
  • Community and philanthropic involvements
What Exactly is a Cash Cow?
A business generating steady, dependable cash flow, enabling it to:
  • Fund growth and development
  • Become a market leader
  • Provide discretionary cash flow to owners
  • Determine a predictable business value
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